HELLO! & Apple News

Driving traffic, engagement and conversions for HELLO! Magazine

Reach new readers. Build rapport. Convert.

With the help of FlatPlan's bespoke CTAs that can be placed anywhere within Apple News articles, HELLO! are able to deliver their omnichannel content strategy to turn a 145 million-strong discovery channel into a conversion machine.

Here's a quick look at how HELLO! did this.

Timing audience growth strategically.

A good blacksmith knows to strike the iron while it's hot. That's why we help publishers place in-article 'Follow Now' CTAs to catch the attention of new readers while they're consuming content.

How to gain new Follows quickly in Apple News:

  • Strategically place these buttons within your content, thus catching readers at a time when they're most likely to follow your channel.

  • Use FlatPlan's large 'Follow Now' buttons that clearly signpost how readers can get more of your content.

Bespoke CTAs help deliver an omnichannel content experience.

As a preferred provider for Apple News, we've developed tools for the popular news app that empower publishers to reach commercial goals. That's why our bespoke CTAs can look however you want and link anywhere you want.

Publishers have been using them to direct readers to: newsletters, podcasts, apps, social channels, subscription offers, and more.

Take control of your Apple News channel:

  • Get full control over the look and feel of bespoke CTAs to ensure they're on-brand and familiar to your readers.

  • Link them anywhere you want to ensure Apple News effectively serves your commercial goals.

  • FlatPlan does all this with minimal input from your end so that your Apple News channel can be successful without allocating resources to it.

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"FlatPlan has opened up our content to a wide new audience – crucially, without infringing on our day-to-day operations or draining our resource."

Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon

Head of Digital, HELLO!