Maximise your presence on Apple News

Getting your articles on Apple News is one thing - making sure they appear in all areas of the app is another.

FlatPlan helps publishers like you connect with readers who will be interested in your content by boosting each article's visibility.

Our Smart Content Categorisation feature ensures Apple's algorithms understand the topics covered in your stories.

We automatically promote your strongest-performing stories so they are given greater prominence - and enjoy high levels of traffic for longer.

FlatPlan offers tools that encourage readers to hit the Follow button - a powerful way of keeping new audiences coming back for more. We can add branded calls to action, high up within your articles, so they can opt into seeing more of your journalism with a single tap.

Our no-code solution also helps you maximise the time users spend enjoying your content. Graphical Read More links within copy can offer other pieces on the same topic, or tempt them with features on another subject. This builds a closer relationship with your readers, and prompts Apple's algorithm to present them with more of your articles in the future.

Enhancing your content with FlatPlan organically grows your following - and effortlessly increases article views in the process.

Exclusively on FlatPlan, you can:

  • Benefit from our Smart Content Categorisation tool
  • Promote your best-performing articles automatically
  • Drive audience growth with prominent Follow buttons
  • Increase engagement time with Read More links

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