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Millions of people rely on Apple News. FlatPlan lets you turn them into loyal followers.

Apple News in numbers¹

1.6 billion
Apple devices
125 million
Monthly active
5 billion
Articles read
per month

Apple News presents articles on fast-loading pages, surfacing them to readers based on specific engagement signals. FlatPlan works to maximise the strength of these signals – building a loyal, valuable audience for your media brand. Our approach works as a virtuous circle, with each step increasing the performance of the next step. Here’s how.

Surface stories effectively.

Our templates are optimised for every supported device and use the latest Apple News Format. FlatPlan automatically routes the story to its relevant category and adds platform-optimised metadata to ensure it can maximise its potential reach.

Build brand recognition.

Your articles appear alongside publications from multiple sources, so clear branding is vital. FlatPlan carries consistent branding across each articles' header, body and footer. On Apple News, your stories won’t just appear, they’ll turn heads.

Maximise Follows.

Apple News Followers are imperative to growth – a Follow ensures a person is surfaced more of your content. FlatPlan’s inline Follow mechanism minimises friction, turning a reader into a Follower in a single action.

Increase article views.

FlatPlan turns your articles into a content network. Read Next links maximise the likelihood of an extended session, boosting views and revealing valuable users. As loyalty increases, your stories surface more frequently, elevating and sustaining traffic levels.

article signals.

Everything FlatPlan does feeds into the rolling goal of sustaining high Saves, Shares and Likes. You focus on creating content that resonates with readers, FlatPlan ensures it is seen.

Boost return

FlatPlan notifies publishers when their story is featured by Apple News editors or has achieved a spike in organic traffic. Publishers can then 'boost' the story by promoting it and eligible publishers can elevate the story with a push notification at the touch of a button.

"FlatPlan has opened up our content to a wide new audience – crucially, without infringing on our day-to-day operations or draining our resource."

Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon

Head of Digital, HELLO!

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