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From article views to active time, demographics to discovery sources, FlatPlan gives you unparalleled insights into what your audiences like.

We send Spike Alerts when a piece is popular - instant, invaluable feedback that editors can use to drive content strategy. Producing further stories on the same topic, or pieces in a similar format, mean your publication can build on this momentum.

A comprehensive analytics dashboard also delivers an at-a-glance view of key metrics that illustrate how your channel is performing over time.

FlatPlan is home to the largest network of publishers on Apple News, and our experts offer bespoke guidance and advice that will help your content have the biggest impact.

Our Knowledge Base is packed with the strategies and best practices that lead to success - paving the way for growth both on and off-platform.

Exclusively on FlatPlan, you can:

  • Get instant notifications when stories are performing well 
  • Access in-depth analytics on your audience's habits
  • Receive tailored advice from Apple News experts
  • Explore new content strategies with FlatPlan's Knowledge Base

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