Free-to-consumer publishers

Gain a strong connection with millions of readers on Apple News.

Don’t just deliver your content to Apple News and hope readers will find it. Utilise the system world-renowned publishers rely on to:

  • Reach a wide, engaged audience
  • Turn this audience into loyal return readers
  • Convert these readers into an owned audience

How we can help you maximise growth on Apple News.


Reach a wide audience

FlatPlan is the no-code solution to Apple News. It works with any CMS and routes content into Apple News on fully optimised pages. We'll ensure your content reaches a wide, valuable audience.


Build audience loyalty

Only FlatPlan includes tools to increase return visits from your growing new audience. We work to ensure readers return regularly, increasing your traffic on Apple's news platform.


Drive off-platform growth

Having built an audience on Apple News, the next step is to engage readers beyond the platform. FlatPlan assists publishers to transition readers from Apple News into websites, paywalls or mailing lists.

We focus on four values.


  • A no-code system that works with any CMS
  • Design, development and QA covered
  • Easy to use and for teams to understand


  • Smart content categorisation
  • Delivery into Topic Feeds
  • Automatic article promotion


  • Fully branded publications
  • One-click Follow mechanics
  • Tools to increase average active time


  • Analytics alerts
  • Monetisation including affiliates, video, native
  • Off-platform promotion tools

Frequently Asked Questions

How will FlatPlan increase our growth on Apple News?

Our approach to Apple News focuses around driving reach, retaining audiences and guiding people into a publishers own environment. When approached correctly Apple News serves as a valuable discoverability tool for publishers – a unique route to 145 million readers. But we don't simply deliver stories. FlatPlan includes unique tools to drive repeat visits and lead audiences outside of the platform and into your owned environment. Our number one priority is driving your growth as a brand and a business.

Apple News is free to audiences. How is it monetised?

As a publisher you can earn revenue by enabling advertising on your Apple News channel. You can run display, video and native ads, keeping 100% of the revenue generated from ads you sell and 70% from ads sold by Apple.

FlatPlan uniquely supports all common affiliate networks too, passing 100% of your affiliate revenue directly to you. To find out more, book in a discovery call with our expert team.

How much internal resource does FlatPlan require?

Very little. We handle the planning, design, build, QA and offer continual support. We even help with channel administration. And if you're moving from another tool we'll make the switch hassle-free. To find out how we achieve this book a discovery call with our team and we'll walk you through the ins and outs of FlatPlan delivery.

How much does FlatPlan cost?

Costing for FlatPlan starts at $400/mo and depends on a number of factors, including the volume you publish, the complexity of your Apple News channel and the level of support you require. To receive a quote book a discovery call. After gathering some information on your needs we'll craft a custom quote built specifically to your needs.

We're not yet publishing to Apple News – how do we apply?

Apple News is an invite-only platform, and the Apple team will reach out directly to invite you to publish. In certain instances we can 'pitch' publications for approval. Please get in touch with us to organise a discovery call – we are happy to offer our guidance on how to get accepted.

Still have questions?

Book a discovery call to ask us any questions you may have about Apple News.