Apple and National Association of Black Journalists Announce Editorial Fellowship

April 17, 2022

Apple has revealed that it is launching an editorial fellowship for Apple News in partnership with the National Association of Black Journalists. The fellowship will give a recent graduate or early-career journalist “the opportunity to work at the forefront of news and technology”, Apple explains.

Commencing in June 2021 and ending in February 2022, the fellowship presents candidates the opportunity to work alongside both the Apple News editorial team and editors from Apple News publishers. This offers, Apple says, “a chance to gain valuable skills and insight from a newsroom that [revolutionises] how consumers access world-class journalism.”

Candidates will spend three months rotating through Apple News’ various editorial teams before embarking upon their own independent project. They will also have weekly one-on-one meetings with both their manager and mentor to check in on their progress and answer any questions. Throughout the process, their responsibilities will include curating content, writing engaging display copy tailored to drive engagement, crafting plans for covering major news events, and much more.

“The program is designed to give exposure to each of the key editorial areas (e.g.,Top Stories, Spotlight, Audio, etc.). After three months’ rotation, the selected candidate and mentors from Apple News will select a single focus area for the remainder of the program. They will also spearhead at least one independent project, with support from the team leader and their manager, which they will be invited to present to the full Apple News editorial team.”

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