Boost your revenue and engage audiences with audio articles on Apple News

April 27, 2023

As digital publishing continues to grow, media outlets are looking to innovate and find new ways to engage readers – or, in some cases, non-readers. For example, podcasts have gained remarkable popularity due to people's preference for listening to content rather than reading it.

In light of this, publishers have identified audio articles as a great way to engage people who prefer listening to content. Like podcasts, listening to audio articles is an efficient use of time as it’s hands-free and allows you to do something else while staying up-to-date with the latest news and trends.

That’s why FlatPlan has been working with publishers to produce audio articles for Apple News.

Why are audio articles becoming popular with publishers?

Audio articles turn your written content into spoken content. This allows people to consume content in a way they may find more engaging. After all, stories were originally spread via word of mouth, so it seems natural that we’re heading back towards this format.

While it’s no secret that this form of content is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, that’s not the only reason publishers are utilising audio articles more. The increased pressure to find additional revenue streams has led publishers to use podcasts and audio articles for ad placements, subscription offers and other commercial initiatives. 

Example of an audio article in Apple News by publisher Big Think
Audio articles offer people a hands-free way to consume content.

Furthermore, to enhance the listening experience, audio articles still play even when the Apple News app has been minimised or when the phone has been locked thus making it a convenient way to consume content.

Converting written content into audio articles

FlatPlan works with a wide variety of audio article tools, so if you utilise this technology on your website we can carry this over to Apple News.

If you don’t currently convert your written content into audio articles, get started with FlatPlan. We’ll produce spoken content for your Apple News channel to boost your engagement and revenue. Book a demo with our expert team and we’ll show you how easily it can be added to your Apple News content.

Turn new readers into subscribers with FlatPlan

1. Automatically convert content to Apple News Format
2. Reach new audiences in Apple News
3. Turn readers into subscribers with bespoke conversion tools

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