How WordPress Publishers Get on Apple News

April 17, 2022

We’re FlatPlan, the Apple News experts. We integrate publishers of all sizes with Apple News. We produce elegant, brand-true channel and article designs. We work behind the scenes, so editorial teams don’t need to make any changes to their busy workloads or expend any more resource than necessary. While your team works hard, we’ll quietly ensure your publication drives loyal, valuable traffic on Apple News with an onboarding process that’s easy, efficient and painless

Anyone can surface content to Apple News, but this typically requires a time-consuming ‘Apple News Format’ build or limiting output through RSS or basic outputs. Publishers including Mixmag, Kerrang!, The Face and HELLO! prefer a FlatPlan integration, because it eliminates weeks of costly development work and delivers stories to Apple news automatically when published in a way that maximises traffic. Multiple Apple News updates arrive yearly, which FlatPlan closely monitor and capitalise upon whenever it will help you.

If you use FlatPlan for your integration, we’ll create a beautiful, on-brand channel, and article designs that ring true to your publication’s journalistic voice and visual style. When you’re surfacing content to 125 million readers, you want to look your best. Here’s an Apple News article by a recent client, The Sportsman:

An Apple News story by The Sportsman with Mathematics article design

Looks good, right? Here’s what The Sportsman had to say about their FlatPlan/Apple News integration:

As a modern publication with a focus on quality editorial, we had a real need to build strong, loyal audiences, to build our brand. Apple’s audience is sizeable and valuable, and FlatPlan helped us reach that audience in beautifully branded pages that allow our content to shine.
Ross Brown, Editorial Director, The Sportsman

We also offer a custom Apple News footer, unavailable elsewhere. It can be invaluable for driving traffic to a location of your choosing. Our client Creative Review uses theirs to encourage newsletter signups:

Creative Review's Apple News footer by FlatPlan

Here’s what Creative Review had to say about the simplicity of their integration:

As a magazine which writes about the creative industry, we have to be a bit finickity about things like the leading of type and how images sit on a page. I think all of us breathed a sigh of relief when we saw the draft templates…they got CR straight away. We think the final templates do full justice to the brilliant photography, film and design work we write about.
Salonee Gadgil, Digital Content Producer, Creative Review

Now we’ve discussed design, let’s talk tech. WordPress is one of the most widely-used CMS’s on the market, thanks to its simplicity. Creative Review is a WordPress publication. Luckily, a FlatPlan/WordPress integration with Apple News couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how it works.

How WordPress Publishers Integrate With Apple News Using FlatPlan

All a WordPress publisher has to do is send us their RSS feed or install our free plugin, their brand guidelines, their fonts and their logo. We’ll handle the rest, ensuring your title is Apple News ready. It really is as simple as that. Once your channel’s live, you’ll need only to hit publish in WordPress to surface a story to Apple News.

Once you begin publishing, you’ll be able to capitalise on FlatPlan’s suite of tools. This includes instant analytics notifications and ‘out-of-app’ traffic drivers to convert readers into newsletter subscribers or website visitors.

FlatPlan helps drive the revenues of publishers using WordPress and beyond, inside and out of Apple News. We’ll help you deliver display, native and backfill advertising to your new audience, and use your Apple News channel to drive revenues on your site. 

What are you waiting for? If you’re a digital publication that uses WordPress and would like to capitalise on Apple News’ huge readership, let’s talk