Can you run programmatic advertising on Apple News?

April 17, 2022

We are often asked if publishers can run programmatic advertising on Apple News. Here's the rundown.

How are ads trafficked on Apple News?

Apple maintains their own system, Workbench, which is used to traffic display campaigns on Apple News and Stocks and access reports for advertising. Get more information with this guide to Workbench.

Publishers that use Google Ad Manager 360 can traffic ads directly through their system instead. To get started, follow our setup guide for GAM360 and Apple News.

What kind of ads can you traffic this way?

Apple News offers a variety of units, many of them unique to the platform. These include IAB 300x250, 300x600 and 320x50, Interstitial Banners that take up a full screen, pre-roll video and sponsored content units. Here's the full list of supported ads.

Can you run Programmatic Guaranteed?

If you use Google Ad Manager 360, you can, yes. If you already use Programmatic Guaranteed to monetise content on other platforms, you can use the integration immediately. If you haven't used it in the past, here's a guide to setting up Programmatic Guaranteed via Google Ad Manager. Read here for a full introduction to Programmatic Guaranteed on Apple News.

Can I run programmatic ads through our third party service vendors?

A number of service providers are approved for Apple News. These can be authorised by individual publishers, and contacted via the links below.


Zeus Prime










Google Campaign Manager




How else are ads activated in Apple News?

NBC and Yahoo! are Apple’s appointed representatives to sell ads on Apple News and Stocks. NBC covers the US and Yahoo! covers the UK, Australia and Canada. You will receive 70% of revenue from these ads when they appear in ad slots on your content. You will receive a 50/50 split on ads that appear between your stories on areas of the app like the Today view or in Editorial Groups.

Are ad serving fees charged for direct advertising campaigns?

Apple doesn’t issue any ad serving fees. You keep 100% of your direct advertising revenue.