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FlatPlan’s no-code, no-fuss tool makes publishing to Apple News from Craft CMS a breeze. In fact, thanks to FlatPlan, it happens instantly.

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FlatPlan Apple News

Unlocking Apple News success with Craft CMS and FlatPlan.

Publishers the world over favour Craft for its deep levels of control and powerful performance. Now, Craft CMS users can achieve the same degree of control over their Apple News presence and surface stories to the app’s 125 million valuable users instantly and painlessly, thanks to FlatPlan.

Clear navigation, implemented automatically.

FlatPlan automatically recreates site categories within Apple News, allowing in-app navigation to function exactly as designed for Craft sites. What’s more, in-article Read Next links are mirrored by FlatPlan, linking automatically in-app.

Quick analytics, with actionable insights.

FlatPlan Notify is available with all Craft-FlatPlan Apple News integrations. It’s an instant notification system, designed to provide insights that inform editorial strategy by alerting teams when their stories are featured by Apple News editors in the app’s top areas, or receive spikes of organic traffic.

Impactful growth that makes a difference.

Craft publishers can implement FlatPlan’s bespoke footers and fixed headers to instantly direct readers to any brand area where growth is the focus. FlatPlan’s inline follow mechanic seamlessly integrates into Apple News articles, inviting valuable brand lovers in one motion.

Bespoke branding, effortlessly accurate.

FlatPlan’s channel and article design process is perfect for the Craft publisher, enabling complete power over the appearance of an Apple News presence. FlatPlan designs are optimised across all Apple News devices and utilise the latest Apple News format.

Sizeable revenue, easily attained.

Craft publishers can use FlatPlan to generate revenue within Apple News using display, affiliate, video and backfill advertising. Apple News also supports subscription and e-commerce revenue streams, as well as native content, which FlatPlan tags automatically.

Effortless integration, effortless Apple News publishing.

FlatPlan offers a quick, painless Apple News integration that doesn’t impede a Craft publisher’s daily workflow. Stories will be surfaced to Apple News instantly, the moment they’re published on-site.

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