Simple, Instant Apple News Publishing for GitHub Pages Users

Publications powered by GitHub Pages may now publish to Apple News instantly, thanks to FlatPlan’s powerful, no-code tool.

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FlatPlan Apple News

The shortcut to Apple News success with GitHub Pages.

GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service that takes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files straight from a repository on GitHub. FlatPlan empowers publications powered by GitHub Pages to publish to a bespoke Apple News channel easily and automatically, without interrupting their daily workflow.

Growth in Apple News and your GitHub Pages site.

Retain audiences and boost their value with FlatPlan’s inline follow mechanic, which elegantly slots into Apple News articles with an invitation to follow your channel. Implement FlatPlan’s branded widgets which can drive readers to newsletters, socials, your site—anywhere.

FlatPlan’s designs are bespoke and unforgettable.

Fully branded article designs enable your Apple News presence to be as beautiful and memorable as it is on-site. There are no boring templates with FlatPlan – your channel accurately reflects your brand. Deploy to Github Pages and your stories will appear in beautiful Apple News Format pages.

Revenue generation is immediate.

FlatPlan empowers GitHub Pages publishers generate revenue in Apple News with display ads, native content, affiliate, video and backfill advertising, as well as subscription and e-commerce streams. FlatPlan flags native content with Apple automatically, so it begins monetising right away.

Site navigation is reflected in Apple News.

FlatPlan automatically routes GitHub Pages articles to matching categories in Apple News. It also adds platform-optimised metadata, allowing stories to maximise their potential reach. FlatPlan automatically duplicates in-article Read Next links and connects them in-app by default.

Analytics are tailored to inform growth strategies.

Thanks to the FlatPlan Notify notification system, GitHub Pages users are informed instantly when their stories are selected by Apple News editors for inclusion in the app’s top areas, or when they receive significant spikes of organic traffic.

FlatPlan handles the tech, publishers handle the content.

Once a GitHub Pages publisher has completed their Apple News channel integration in collaboration with FlatPlan, their stories will be published to the app automatically, allowing them to continue doing what they do best: creating brilliant articles.

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