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Publishing to Apple News from a Joomla site is now a cinch, thanks to FlatPlan

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FlatPlan Apple News

The shortcut to Apple News for Joomla.

Joomla’s democratic attitude to free, open-source publishing has made it a favourite of writers and editors worldwide. Now, FlatPlan can empower Joomla users to surface their stories on a bespoke Apple News channel without impeding their daily workflow. FlatPlan is trusted by the likes of PinkNews and HELLO! to harness the power of Apple News, and now Joomla users have the same opportunity.

Revenue ready.

FlatPlan empowers Joomla publishers to generate revenue with display, affiliate video and backfill advertising. E-commerce and subscription revenue streams are included, as well as native content, which is flagged automatically by FlatPlan.

Growth is fast.

Retain audiences and boost their value with FlatPlan’s inline follow mechanic. It slots tastefully into Apple News articles with an invitation to follow your channel. FlatPlan’s branded widgets which can be implemented and deployed to drive readers to newsletters, socials, your site—anywhere.

Branding is beautiful.

FlatPlan prides itself on translating unique, on-site branding into elegant Apple News designs, tailored to be trustworthy, and consequently, enticing to valuable readers.

Navigation is Simple.

FlatPlan automatically reflects Joomla site structures and in-article Read Next links, enabling Apple News readers to experience articles in the intended fashion.

Analytics are Clear.

Working with FlatPlan, Joomla Apple News publishers receive FlatPlan Notify: an email notification that instantly informs editorial teams when Apple News articles are selected or boosted by editors for inclusion in the app’s top areas, or when articles receive notable organic traffic spikes.

Publishing is Effortless.

FlatPlan will automatically feed Joomla articles to the publisher’s Apple News channel, allowing them to surface in-app and on-site simultaneously. This couldn’t be more beneficial, as it allows Joomla publishers to continue doing what they do best: creating brilliant stories.

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