Magneto CMS users may now publish to Apple News instantly

Publications powered by Magneto CMS may now publish to Apple News instantly, thanks to FlatPlan’s powerful, codeless tool.

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FlatPlan Apple News

The Magneto publisher's fast-track Apple News success route.

Magneto is an open source CMS that uses MySQL and Zend PHP. FlatPlan empowers publications powered by Magento to publish to a bespoke Apple News channel easily and automatically, without interrupting their daily workflow.

Growth is a breeze with FlatPlan

FlatPlan's elegant, one-movement inline follow mechanin effortlessly entices valuable readers to more stories by Magneto-using publishers. FlatPlan’s unique footers and headers can direct the same users to any area of the brand where growth is the focus, perpetuating audience development in Apple News.

FlatPlan's designs are one of a kind.

Magneto publishers will be a benchmark for quality in Apple News thanks to FlatPlan’s simple, flexible design process. All branding distinctions are catered for in bespoke channel and article builds, and FlatPlan templates are optimised in the latest Apple News format for all Apple News devices.

Straightforward, instantaneous revenue generation.

Magneto publishers looking to monetise their Apple News presence have native content, affiliate, video and backfill advertising, as well as subscription and e-commerce revenue streams to rely on. FlatPlan automatically flags native content with Apple, so it begins monetising right away.

Site navigation is mirrored in-app, exactly as intended.

Magneto CMS site categories are reflected automatically in FlatPlan's Apple News channels; readers may navigate an Apple News channel exactly as the publisher wishes.In-article Read Next links are automatically duplicated and connected.

Analytics are transparent and tailored to inform growth strategies.

Thanks to FlatPlan Notify notifications, Magneto CMS users know instantly when their stories are selected by Apple News editors for inclusion in the app’s top areas, or when they receive significant spikes of organic traffic.

FlatPlan does tech, publishers do content.

Once a Magneto CMS publisher has completed their Apple News channel integration in collaboration with FlatPlan, their stories will be published to the app automatically, allowing them to continue doing what they do best: writing and crafting brilliant articles.

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