FlatPlan handles the distribution and display of your content. All we need from you is a structured data stream of website links. This is typically via an RSS/Atom feed.

RSS/Atom requirements

We accept any valid RSS and Atom feed. We follow these parameters:

Update frequency: Each feed is fetched about every 10 minutes.
Readability: Up to 60 new articles per fetch.

Tip: To make sure that all content is retrieved, do not exceed fetch limits.

You can validate your feed, follow recommendations and fix any issues using a feed validation tool.

Article updates

The <guid> tag in RSS, and <id> tag in Atom are required to identify unique articles. We suggest using the article URL as the <guid>/<id> tag, as it’s likely to change.

Important: We use the <pubDate> tag to determine whether the article was modified.

Top level standards

We need your feed to be valid, well-structured and contain everything we need. We require the following items:

<guid> - a unique identifier of the article

<title> - Title of the article (HTML encoding is not supported)

<link> - Canonical URL of article

<pubDate> - Date and time the article was published (must comply with RFC822). Must update when article is updated.