Our aim at FlatPlan is to help publishers drive sustained growth on Apple News. We regularly communicate our learnings with publishers and our channels include tools to aid growth. Key to these are fixed headers and footers.

Fixed Headers

Bespoke headers are controlled in our system rather than requiring CMS control on the publisher side.

Headers sit above articles and tend to be used to drive short-term campaigns or introduce specific types of article.

Here’s an example of a header campaign, used on The Economist to introduce a specific type of article:


Footers, on the other hand, sit below all stories, offering a permanent space for branding, or means for publisher to meet specific goals.

Here’s an example of a footer campaign by design publication Creative Review, tailored to increase article views and drive subscribers to an email newsletter:

Here’s a footer campaign we created for Little White Lies, who wanted to drive traffic to their social channels without compromising on the look and feel of their brand:

Headers and Footers will be designed by FlatPlan when we create your channel. To ensure they meet your goals as a publisher we will ask you for a few pieces of information:

  1. How you would like to use these areas to meet your goals – would you like them to drive newsletter sign-ups, increase followers to your Apple News channel, increase social followers, drive sales of your print edition…?
  2. Copy, links and (optionally) images

It’s worth noting that Apple use the area above articles for certain call to actions of their own, so headers should be used sparingly, for short-term campaigns.